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See. A piece inspired by the sea.

The serenity of the morning sunrise. The listless composure of the receded bay. A lone raven takes flight and glides along the shore, while salt water thistles sway in the breeze. With the open bayside running path now ahead of me, I had finally made the time... to just be. [Oh how wild it is, to just be.] It took a cross-country flight to perceive it, but there it was, in the wee hours before the sun rose to illuminate the West Coast, waiting patiently for me along the banks of the San Francisco Bay. Peace.

As I made my way down the running path, the sun gained on me in the sky. Soon the pastel pinks were teeming yellows. The sun rises so quick here, I thought. No, that can't be right. It always rises that quick, doesn't it? But therein lied my problem. The morning before, I'd started out too late to catch the sunrise -- and I swore to myself that I would make it the next day. Why did it matter so much? Because lately all the days had blurred to feel the same - and stifling routine is my fast track to incredulity.

As I neared the end of my run, I eyed an obscure bench that overlooked the bay. With time to spare, I sat for a while, and the sea began to speak to me... She whispered across her waves, do you remember that time and that place where you thought anything was possible? You think of it as in the past, but that time is now. It is always now. Because that place, is within you. That's the beautiful thing about possibility, you get to bring it with you. As high and away as the hilltops surrounding me, is your space to dream. I looked out to the hills, rolling on as far as the eye could see. The sea was right. All I'd learned about possibility on the other side of the world, was sitting right there with me. Somewhere along the way, I had ceased believing it existed anywhere else.

Of course - that is why there is an entire world to explore. Not every city can meet your every need. The more places you unravel, the more you will unravel within. That's the beauty of travel. You're never the same person when you return. The way you see the world changes, as does the way the world sees you.

And there I was, giddy with my California daydream by the sea. Ahead of me were so many invaluable moments arriving in the short length of a week. Such a gift I'd been given to connect with just the right people; to listen to and to learn from. And the chance for a beautiful reminder to take one more chance [always one more]... to be brave & a little bold. To open my heart and let it be full. To be grateful. That was my sweet little California dream.

You gorgeous city by the Bay, you brought this revelation out of me - and for that I am indebted. Thank you for reinforcing that what I have now, was once only what I dreamed of. As I continue to pursue life for inspiration and magic, I've added you to my heart's map -- both to keep your beauty close and to keep me daydreamin' & free.

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