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Gaps. A piece inspired by the voices of London.

Mind the gap between the platform and the train, she says. Mind the gap.

Such a subtle reminder to be aware of the space between you -- and everything else.


We all have them - these empty spaces, these missing pieces of the life we want for ourselves that haven't quite found their way into our lives -- at least not yet. Gaps vary in shape and size, degrees of difficulty and tugging on the heart. We often feel that our gaps make us insufficient compared to others or unworthy of success. Gaps can make us feel alone and misunderstood, as we wake in the morning and lie silently, grappling with our misgivings.

We try to fill our gaps, cover the holes in our hearts, protect our emptiness with pride and with a brave face - while we temporarily replace the emptiness with a satisfying substitute. But the morning always returns and the gaps remain - sometimes lingering long enough to break one's own heart.

It's in this light that your gaps could be perceived as dismantling character flaws. But I don't see them that way. No - I believe they represent opportunities. They represent the life you have left to live; they make room for goodness and growth. They are opportunities for magic. Your gaps are how other people know you need them - that you have space for them in your life. Don't be too busy stretching yourself thin to cover your gaps that you miss the opportunity to let someone in who wants to help you bridge them. Don't let the abhorrent space between who you are and who you want to be dash your hope that the life you want is not only possible, it is inevitable.

Your gaps connect you with the rest of the world. They show your humanity. And I know it's not just a brave face you wear -- you. are. brave. That's the beauty of gaps -- they show your character, your strength, your resiliency -- that you're a dreamer; that you are a soldier, carrying on in the battle that is pursuing happiness. In the battle that is everyday life. Gaps keep you moving forward. When you wake in the morning, albeit alone or not to the job you love or even the life you love - it's those gaps that make you rise; make you step outside into the world; make you move in one direction and one direction only - forward.

So what you thought was a missing piece, is actually the very piece that is giving you purpose. The universe is funny that way - she often disguises her greatest strengths as weaknesses. Don't be fooled by her. Mind your beautiful gaps. One of these days you'll look back and realize that during the time it took to overcome them, you became the incredible person you are today.

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