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Seek. A piece inspired by an afternoon with Passenger.

'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go...

Passenger {Mike Rosenberg} creates music that gets through to me on a level unlike any other artist. Arriving in my life at the tail end of my time in Edinburgh, his music carried me through my return to the US. Lyrics that touched me, supported me, understood me, and connected me back to a place where I felt different. A place where I felt in touch and in tune with what the universe had in store for me. That experience is why I continue to describe Edinburgh as pure magic. Life was a dream. I felt, every day, that I was the luckiest girl in the world. That I was finally, exactly where I was supposed to be. And upon leaving, I wasn't so sure that all the magic I'd felt was coming home with me.

well I don’t know where and I don’t know when but I know we’ll be lovers again I’ll see you some day before the end I don’t know where and I don’t know when oh darling my hearts on fire

I, without a doubt, sought out ways to stay connected to the UK, and through this British folk artist's music that whispered of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the like - I felt connected and still alive. What I admire about Mike is not only his humble busker roots, but his continued commitment to the craft. Busking is the art of live street performance. The word itself, busk, derives from the Spanish word buscar -- to seek. What better word could I to connect to, everyday, in every way. For months, I had been seeking a way to stay connected to myself -- through his music -- to the self I had found in Edinburgh. My hopes of catching him busking live seemed increasingly fruitless as I watched him post his "tour" dates, but continued to miss his street performances across the US and UK by just days. But on a hot summer's day, my luck turned around. On this day, I found myself in New York's Central Park, blissfully surrounded by the sweet sounds of Passenger. Those sweet sounds carried me back to harder days. With a rush of nostalgia, tears welled in my eyes. Tears that carried gratitude, relief, and triumph. Anchored in the weight of the moment, a thought struck me. Perhaps this is what I need to do to be happy here. Anchor myself and find bliss in more of these big city moments. Commit to New York. Give her my heart and ask for love back. Could I do it?

We've got holes in our hearts We've got holes in our lives Well we've got holes, we've got holes but we carry on...

With Passenger's lyrics as a backdrop, that afternoon served as a reminder that there's entirely too much beauty in this world to ever lose hope that things won't work out. The closer you get to your dream, yes, the harder everything becomes. Challenges become greater to overcome. Fear and self doubt speak louder. People are going to say no to you. But say yes to yourself anyway. People are going to be dark to you. Be a light anyway. People won't listen to you. Sing with your whole heart anyway.

well sing sing at the top of your voice and love without fear in your heart feel, feel like you still have a choice if we all light up we can scare away the dark...

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