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Impact. A piece inspired by struggle.

A recent professional development course introduced me to the concept of personal impact. My takeaway from this session was that impact, contrary to popular belief, is not something you have. Impact is something you do. Therefore impact is not a passive byproduct of your existence, but an active effort you make to influence and shape your environment. During this course, a swarm of "Wheels Up"-inspiring questions filled my head. How aware are you of your impact on others? Do you use your impact for good, or do you abuse it? Do you allow others to impact you, and your reality? How much of your reality is based on your own conviction, versus what others expect of you?

Here's what I've learned from my own struggles. Don't let anyone else dictate your reality. And when others try to deter or bring you down, have the strength to say to yourself -- this isn't my reality. Some people have no awareness of their impact, and unfortunately, others have mal-intent. Be cognizant of the impact others have on you. If their impact is causing you inner turmoil - figure out why so that you can remove it and be at peace again. At the end of the day, if you're living a life based on other people's reality, you will never be happy. I know it sounds cliché, but be honest - at this very moment you are likely involved with or doing something that doesn't ring true to you. Ask yourself, why are you holding back? Wear the fashion forward outfit, put on the bold red lipstick, cancel the plans, write the blog (wink), break up with him, stay in on a Friday night, embrace your inner nerd, get up on stage, apply for the promotion, and for goodness sake - believe in yourself! I've lost count of the amount of times I knew I wasn't being true to myself. Times when I stifled that spark inside, when I just should have listened. You always know what inspires you and catches your eye -- so pay attention to the moments that prickle your senses. That's when your reality kicks in. As often as necessary, step away from the pack and remind yourself of what makes you happy, unique, and at peace. Shut out all the outside voices of "should" and "shouldn't" - and just tune in to your heart. That is the only thing that should impact your reality.

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