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Twenty-nine. A piece inspired by 29 years of age + wisdom.

1. It is perfectly okay to buy yourself a cupcake, stick a candle in it, hum Happy Birthday and make... just one more birthday wish.

2. Few things in life change you like heartbreak. Because of it or in spite of it, it was still worth it.

3. Learn to love yourself and your life in every waking moment. When you achieve this, please let me in on your secret.

4. Believe in your wild dreams, know you will make them come true, even if the years are flying and you're not sure when everything will fall into place -- trust that they will manifest eventually, if not one day very soon.

5. It is perfectly okay to be the only one who believes in you.

6. You are not the only one who believes in you.

7. Your heart doesn't break the same way twice. With experience, there is resiliency and there is bitterness. Know the difference, but don't be reckless about it.

8. It is perfectly okay to not be okay all the time, to ask for help, to admit defeat, to fall down seven...

9. As long as you stand up eight.

10. Uncertainty surrounding which parts of a conventional life you desire -- if any -- is your mortal privilege. Your life doesn't have to be a storybook, unless you want it to be.

11. Everyone else is just making it up as they go along too.

12. It is perfectly okay to fail. You will learn more from failure than you ever will success. Just don't make a habit of it.

13. Don't let anyone else dictate your reality. As often as necessary, step away from the pack and remind yourself of what makes you happy, unique, and at peace. Shut out all the outside voices of “should” and “shouldn’t” – and just tune in to your heart.

14. It is perfectly okay to not want to forgive. But do it anyway. Chances are they didn't mean to hurt you.

15. And if someone intentionally hurt you, he or she were already hurting worse than you to begin with.

16. Shine. Brightly. In your very own way. People are more attracted to your light than your darkness. Do not dim to fit in.

17. It is perfectly okay to say no, but only for the right reasons. Because chances are - it will be more fun if you say yes, and then figure the rest out afterwards.

18. No experience is wasted. Even the ugly ones - heck, especially the ugly ones. And the sooner you find the purpose or lesson from an experience, the sooner you can make peace with it. Perspective is powerful and will keep you on the path to finding happiness.

19. You will always have gaps between the life you have and the life you want. Your gaps give you purpose and show your humanity.

20. Leave room for people to love you. Those kind of gaps are my favorite.

21. You'll never stop working for it; be it your dream, your relationship, your health, or your happiness. You will never be perfect, so toss that goal aside. Work hard and be patient.

22. Be relentlessly patient.

23. It is perfectly okay to skip the shallow to hold out for the meaningful - be it in conversations, in connections, in friendship, or in love.

24. It is perfectly okay to revel in shallow conversations in the hopes of deeper connections. Not everyone can dive right in like you, mermaid.

25. Do not, for ANY reason, let fear win.

26. Admit when you're wrong - especially to your closest friends. Do not let your pride or your stubbornness get in the way of your dearest relationships. Besides, what's a bruised ego between lifelong friends?

27. Release the need to always know the outcome. Leave a little room for magic. Life, people, and second chances work best when they have room to surprise you.

28. Fake it till you make it.

29. Set your world spinning. Travel of the body and travel of the mind. You are the only one capable of telling it when to stop.

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