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Wheels Up

A journal inspired by Europe. A piece inspired by Edinburgh.

In getting to know new cities, like getting to know new people, I am intently interested to see the hidden layer beneath the surface. Don't show me your touristy shops with plastic goods; your fake facade hiding realness and depth. I want to get lost on the streets behind the fanfare. That's where the history is. Tell me the stories that happened behind the walls of these old buildings. Who lived here? Who died here? Who loved and laughed here?

Some people, like cities, like to hide the darker side of their former lives from the new people they meet. Keeping relations surface level, feelings at arms length and emotions shallow. I've chosen to no longer allow those who fear depth a place in my heart. I'm most interested in falling in love with a city, whose streets I can explore wistfully and whose monuments will proudly tell its history. A city - when explored properly and probed thoughtfully - will bare its dark and its light. It will show its battle wounds, and will invite you to celebrate its triumphs. In people, I can only hope to find the same.

Wheels up is a journal dedicated to capturing the inspiration I find in each city I visit. A six month journey of reflection, insight, and discovery. Here I go!

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